Seek Out

I created Seek Out for my capstone or thesis project. It is based on a self building concept, that encourages you to try new things, and not limit yourself to the same activities to improve your skill set, or creativity. I wanted the aesthetic of the branding to reflect on the fact that it is a concept about making connections. I illustrated this concept through lines. I created a grid for the logo symbol in a circular form, based off the idea of looking through a telescope, or "seeking out". I also created a grid system for what I call a self constructing guide book, which utilizes my logo at large scale. I also replicated the line aesthetic on the website. The color palette is inspired by a rainbow because it represents the diversity of color, and the project promotes having diverse knowledge. * Images used for educational purposes only

I created the infographic below based on examples of the phrase "Renaissance Men", or men and women that are talented in multiple fields of study, from the past and present. It demonstrates each individuals diversity and shows what fields most commonly overlap through line density. It was inspired through conducting research on the habits of creative individuals, as well as research on the left brain right brain theory.

The section below is an example of how it works. On the left the graphic shows what fields the individual Leonardo Da Vinci is connected to. A single line can represent more than one career. On the right is an overview of the entire graphic includes 53 names and 21 career fields.

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