Harrington Branding Evolution

Collaborative practice to create an evolution of branding for Harrington College of Design. Harrington is an art school that offers majors in interior design, photography, graphic design, and communication design. The goal was to make this project a dynamic identity. We created four different layout systems which allows the branding to achieve this goal. These are shown through a continuous line that evolves out of the logo, a referenced continuous line, a framed window box, and an expanded bracket like shapes that symbolize the gesture of perspective. In addition to these four layout systems, we created three patterns, which are made from the logo, that are customized for the three different majors. ID - Interior Design DP - Digital Photography GD - Graphic Design CD- Communication Design (now combined with GD) * All photos are made by students and can be found on Harrington's website. Used for educational purposes only.

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